Physics University College OxfordPhysics is a wide-ranging, challenging and hugely rewarding subject to pursue at Oxford. It is concerned with the study of the Universe from the smallest to the largest scale, why it is the way it is and how it works. Students develop interests in a variety of topics spanning the breadth of physics from astrophysics to nanomaterials. The Physics course at Oxford has a strong mathematical basis, and there is particular emphasis in your first year on building your mathematical ability in preparation for the science you engage with later. Across all years of the course, there is the chance to select topics from optional modules to develop your own interests. For those students taking the four-year MPhys option, a fourth year project gives you direct involvement with Oxford’s cutting-edge Physics research.

There is a strong sense of community among the Physicists at Univ, which is beneficial to both academic and social life. Tutors have diverse academic interests and research experiences, so therefore can provide solid teaching provision for our Physics students.

Univ also accepts students for the Physics and Philosophy as a joint course (correct for 2023 entry), which helps to engage the whole cohort in multi-disciplinary and dialogic approaches to the subject.

There is a wealth of information about the Physics course structure, possible option choices, and admissions criteria on the University of Oxford’s main website, available at

Any undergraduate degree at Oxford provides you with a wide variety of transferable skills and therefore Univ’s students progress to a diverse range of careers. For some, their undergraduate degree leads to academic research, industrial research or teaching. For many, their future career, for instance in business, government or the charitable sector, is defined less by the subject they studied and more by the skills they acquired. Oxford’s Careers Service provides destination statistics for graduates.


If you are considering applying for Physics, a  number of resources you might find useful to explore beyond the school curriculum can be found on Univ’s Staircase12 pages, including the Reading Bank and Resource Hub.

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