Caroline Terquem

Caroline Terquem

Tutorial Fellow in Physics; Professor of Physics

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At Univ, I teach a variety of topics in Physics to first, second and third year undergraduates.

In the Physics Department, I currently lecture on Electromagnetism for second year students (A2 paper), and on Astrophysical Gas Dynamics for graduate students and students from the Master Course in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics.


I am an astrophysicist. My research activity is in the area of the dynamics of extrasolar planetary systems and protoplanetary discs. It uses astrophysical fluid dynamics and classical mechanics. The aims of the research is to develop models or study some particular aspects of the systems to understand their properties and characteristics, by means of analytical theory and numerical simulations. In the last few years, my research has focused more particularly on the gravitational interaction between planets and the disc in which they form, which leads to the so-called migration of the planets toward their host star, thus explaining the existence of planets with very short periods.

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