Peter A Norreys

Peter A Norreys

Supernumerary Fellow in Physics; Professor of Inertial Fusion Science

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I teach a fourth year undergraduate module “quantum processes in hot plasmas” for the University’s MMathPhys course in the Department of Physics. I also co-ordinate and lead the Oxford/Imperial/Warwick “Centre for Postgraduate Training in Plasma Physics and High Energy Density Science” ( and lecture in Hilary Term.  In addition, I lead one of the BA projects for third year students.  At Univ, I am a Special Supernumerary Fellow at Univ and regularly tutor atomic physics and thermodynamics for second and third year students, as well as acting as graduate mentor to post-graduate students. Finally, I am the Director of Graduate Studies within Atomic and Laser Physics, responsible for admissions to the DPhil programme, as well as graduate training and progression for 75 students throughout their post-graduate degree.


In the Department of Physics, I supervise a group of talented DPhil students and post-doctoral fellows, as well as a number of MPhys project students in the field of high energy density plasma science. Their projects combine experiments using the largest lasers in the world, aided by theory and advanced computational modelling, including new approaches in machine learning. Our aim is to explore new concepts for inertial fusion, particle accelerators as well as novel ultrafast and bright X-ray sources.

I normally host a number of summer placement students in my group at the Central Laser Facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This gives undergraduate students experience of a working research environment using the most advanced instruments and facilities available in the world. Students have access not only to the high power lasers there, but also to the latest supercomputers and visualization tools.

Laser physics is fascinating, so come and explore the science of the extremes with me at Univ.

Selected Publications

“Brialliant X-rays using a two-stage plasma insertion device” J. Holloway, P.A. Norreys, A.G.R. Thomas, R. Bartolini, R. Bingham, J. Nydell, R.M.G.M. Trines, R. Walker and M. Wing. Scientific Reports 7, 3985 (2017)

“Optimisation of plasma amplifiers” J.D. Sadler, R.M.G.M. Trines, M. Tabak, D. Haberberger, D.H. Froula, A.S. Davies, S. Bucht, L.O. Silva, E.P. Alves, F. Fiuza, L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, M.F. Kasim, R. Bingham and P.A. Norreys. Phys Rev E 95, 053211 (2017)

“Machine learning applied to proton radiography of high energy density plasmas” N.F.Y. Chen, M.F. Kasim, L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, J. Sadler, M.C. Levy, R. Trines, R. Bingham and P.A. Norreys. Phys Rev E 95, 043305 (2017)

“Quantitative shadowgraphy and proton radiography for large intensity modulations” M.F. kasim, L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, J. Sadler, N. Chen, A. Savert, R. Trines, R. Bingham, P.N. Burrows, M.C. Kaluza, P. Norreys. Phys Rev E 95, 023306 (2017)

“Dense plasma heating by crossing relativistic electron beams” N. Ratan, N.J. Sircombe, L. Ceurvorst, J. Sadler, M.F. Kasim, J. Holloway, M.C.Levy, R Trines, R. Bingham and P.A. Norreys. Phys Rev E 95, 013211 (2017)

“High orbital angular momentum harmonic generation” J. Vieira, R.M.G.M. Trines, E.P. Alves, R.A. Fonseca, J.T. Mendonca, R. Bingham, P.A. Norreys and L.O. Silva. Phys Rev Lett 117, 265001 (2016)

“Characterisation of betatron radiation from direct laser accelerated electrons” T.W. Huang, A.P.L. Robinson, C.T. Zhou, B. Qiao, B. Liu, S.C. Ruan, X.T. He and P.A. Norreys. Phys Rev E 93, 063203 (2016)

“Mitigating the hosing instability in relativistic laser-plasma interactions” L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, M.C. Levy, M.F. Kasim, J. Sadler, R.H.H. Scott, R.M.G.M. Trines, T.W. Huang, M. Skramic, M. Vranic, L.O. Silva and P.A. Norreys. New J. Phys 18 053023 (2016)

“Amplification and generation of ultra-intense twisted laser pulses via stimulated Raman scattering” J. Vieira, R.M.G.M. Trines, E.P. Alves, R.A. Fonseca, J.T. Mendonca, R. Bingham, P.A. Norreys and L.O. Silva. Nature Communications 7, 10371 (2016)

“Compression of X-ray Free Electron Laser pulses attosecond duration” J.D. Sadler, R. Nathvani, P. Oleskiewicz, L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, M.F. Kasim. R.M.G.M. Trines, R. Bingham and P.A. Norreys. Scientific Reports 5, 16755 (2015)

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