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Young Univ Gallery 2019

YUG 2019Seven portraits of alumnae have been added to the photographs in Hall and to the Young Univ Gallery website to celebrate 40 years of women at Univ. The first instalment of the Young Univ Gallery was unveiled in 2017 with 46 portraits of Old Members who are excelling in various professions, from entrepreneurs to engineers, authors to anaesthetists.

The seven new sitters are Danielle Kerby (2005, Psychology), Lydia Kirkham (2012, Engineering), Agatha-Christie Onwuzuruike (2014, PPE), Carys Roberts (2008, PPE), Bethany Sillitto (2010, PPP), Corinne Stuart (2011, Engineering), and Alexandra Wilson (2013, PPE).

You can view the full gallery and read interviews with all of the Young Univ Gallery participants on the Young Univ Gallery website.

Photo: John Cairns

woman at Univ logoWomen at Univ 2019. Celebrating 40 years of achievement by women students, academics and staff, and recovering the history of women in the College from 1249 to the present day.

Published: 26 September 2019

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