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Wequity startup milestone

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Franck-Victor Laurant (left) and Gabriel Levie (right)

Wequity, co-founded by Gabriel Levie (PPE, 2015), has announced new AI capabilities, a strategic partnership with delaware and the closure of a €1.1 million latest funding round.

Wequity assists investors and companies in managing their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data collection, obligations, and risks. It is now integrating advanced AI features into its ESG Reporting and ESG Due Diligence & Screening solutions. This will greatly simplify ESG-related tasks for investors and businesses.

Gabriel Levie is responsible for sales and partnerships at Wequity. After completing his undergraduate degree in PPE at Univ, where he was JCR treasurer, he studied a master’s degree in Economics at UCLouvain. He supported Positive Investment Oxford, a chapter of a UK-wide organisation that advocates for sustainable investments. He notably advised the University College Oxford investments committee and gained professional experience at Google and McKinsey.

Published: 1 November 2023

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