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Welfare Week begins

Cups of tea and coffeeWelfare Week begins today, organised by the JCR Welfare Reps Hamzah Mahomed (2020, Chemistry) and Abbey Vaid (2020, History). Certain events involve no alcohol and are marked with an asterisk on the timetable, which has been circulated via email, but you are welcome to bring your own drink to any evening event.

Enjoy a Skincare Tea on Monday, where the multi-talented M*n’s Welfare Rep and Skincare Rep, Hamzah, will be giving out free skincare and offering advice to those in need, alongside the usual snacks, drinks and chat of a normal Welfare Tea.

On Tuesday, the 1979 Society are hosting a talk from Coppafeel, a breast cancer awareness charity, about the importance of knowing how to check yourself (no matter your gender) and what to do if you’re worried. On Wednesday, we’re holding an Arts and Crafts session in the afternoon with snacks.

On Thursday, Lloyd Arnold’s (2020, Computer Science and Philosophy) popular yoga from Trinity Term returns for a one-off session, accessible to both those who have never touched their toes and dedicated yogis. A women’s self-defence class run by Jess Steadman (2020, English) will teach easy ways to defend yourself while you’re out and about. In the evening, there’s an Open Mic where everyone can enjoy some of the amazing talent at Univ.

On Friday, we’re holding a peer supporter breakfast and an outing to the Ashmolean Museum (sign-up needed). In the evening enjoy Diwali Drinks with Indian snacks, food and music to mark Diwali.

Please contact Abbey (Abbey.Vaid@univ.ox.ac.uk) or Hamzah (Hamzah.Mahomed@univ.ox.ac.uk) if you have any questions or concerns, they are available all week.

Published: 8 November 2021

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