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Vice-Chancellor’s Education Awards 2022

Oxford seen from turretLast month, Opportunity Oxford won at the Vice-Chancellor’s Education Awards. The winners were announced at a ceremony at Worcester College on Thursday 29 September 2022. The project was submitted for consideration by Dr Andrew Bell, Senior Tutor at Univ, who is the coordinator for Opportunity Oxford.

Opportunity Oxford is based on Univ’s own Opportunity Programme. Univ’s Opportunity Programme was launched in 2016 to expand the number of UK students from disadvantaged backgrounds at the College. The scheme has run successfully for several years, providing places and academic support. Following the success of the Opportunity Programme, in 2020, a University-wide programme, Opportunity Oxford, was launched.

The Opportunity Programme saw the College increase its undergraduate intake by 10%. Although the College no longer runs an in-house Opportunity Programme, we have maintained the 10% increase in undergraduate numbers. These places are now reserved for participants in the University-wide Opportunity Oxford programme.

The University commented, “This is an important programme that has made a significant contribution to shifting the dial on undergraduate admissions and aims to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds the best possible preparation for the rigours of an Oxford degree. The evidence of success in terms of admissions is compelling and there is impressive data on the improvement in the self-confidence and preliminary performance of the cohort.”

Find out more about the Opportunity Programme.

Published: 25 October 2022

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