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Andrew Bell

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As Univ’s Senior Tutor, I have a general responsibility for all academic matters.  Prior to joining Univ, I taught at the University of Cambridge for fifteen years.  My teaching interests lie in the field of early medieval history.


My research has focused on the history of Britain and northern Europe between c.300 and c.1200, although I’ve often strayed outside that time frame when looking for interesting material and useful comparisons.  An enduring theme in my work has been the developing relationship between state power and local economies as expressed through lordship, taxation, military service, and infrastructure.  I also have an interest in prosopography, and was involved in the development of a major online research tool for medieval historians, The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (

Selected Publications

• (with John Swenson-Wright and Karin Tybjerg) Evidence (2009)
• (with Peter Liddel, Josephine Crawley Quinn, Peter Heather and Andrew Pettigree) From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance (2006)

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