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Univ’s sustainability action plan

flowers in a vase with univ logo behindHere you’ll find some great ideas on how to be more sustainable at Univ. Whether you’d like to find out what can and can’t be recycled (did you know cling film can be recycled here in Oxford?), how to plan your weekly shopping so it’s kinder to the planet, or how to get involved in eco-projects in the city, this handy resource can point you to a few of the answers! Oxford is already one of the leading cities and universities for sustainability in the UK with a prominent cycling community and cutting-edge research. As students, we can play a big role in supporting this and making it even better. By following the easy and affordable steps in this action plan, we can all be part of the solution here at Univ. Enjoy!

Will and Jacob (JCR and MCR environment reps).

We’ll start with our Top 10 Tips and further down the page you’ll find additional ideas, suggestions and resources under a number of categories.

Top 10 Tips

  • Turn off unneeded lights
  • Unplug electrical items that aren’t needed
  • Turn down the heating (even by 1 degree) and don’t use windows for temperature control
  • Buy (and use!) a reusable keep cup for hot drinks
  • Buy a sustainable water bottle and make use of free drinking water
  • Plant trees by searching with Ecosia 
  • Only print when essential
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Make educated shopping choices (and shop local)
  • Eat more plant-based foods with sustainable credentials

College Life

Food and Drink

General Recycling

Get Involved and Stay Informed

Internet and Computer Use

The Oxford Carbon Challenge



Your Mental Health and Climate Change

Univ will continue reporting on sustainability initiatives from across College so please look out for these on our dedicated Sustainability at Univ page, our News Hub and social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, please see below to make your suggestions on sustainability at Univ.

Have your say on sustainability

Published: 28 June 2022

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