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University College Boat Club newsletter

The senior quad at Fours Head

The senior quad at Fours Head

After the past few years of flooding and lockdowns, last term University College Boat Club enjoyed an almost uninterrupted term of rowing. They have put together a newsletter detailing the exciting progress over the last few months in the world of Univ rowing from successful novice recruitment, culminating in Christ Church Regatta, to solo success and socials.

The newsletter includes reports from UCBC President Hannah Farley (2012, Medicine), Women’s Captain Charlie Kniebe-Evans (2018, Chemistry), Men’s Captain Andy Bridger (2016, Chemistry), Women’s Vice-Captains Chloe Bardou (2020, History and Politics) and Sarah Chapman (2018, Chemistry) and Men’s Vice-Captain Lloyd Arnold (2020, Computer Science and Philosophy) as well as Jess Steadman (2020, English) and Hari Pankhania (2020, History and Modern Languages) the Social Secretaries and a short report from Peter Moor (2021, English) about his experience as a novice in Michaelmas 2021.

You can read the newsletter in full here. Find out more about UCBC via their new website.

Published: 25 January 2022

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