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Universal Histories co-editor

Black and white photo of man in front of old monuments wearing a scarf and coat with windswept hairProfessor Nick Halmi, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Margaret Candfield Fellow and Fellow Librarian, has co-edited Universal Histories with Dr Audrey Borowski, Research Fellow at the Centre for Science and Thought in Bonn and an Associate Member of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence in Cambridge.

Universal Histories is a special issue of the journal Intellectual History Review.  With contributions by eight authors from five countries and an introduction by me, the issue grew out of a seminar series that Nick and Audrey co-organised in Hilary Term 2020 with support from the University’s John Fell Fund, the English Faculty, the Oxford Centre for European History, Univ, and The Queen’s College. The online version of the issue is now available with a print issue to follow in September.

Professor Halmi‘s research is concerned principally with British and Continental European literature, philosophy, and visual arts (including architecture) from the mid-17th to mid-19th centuries (Enlightenment and Romanticism), particularly in response to the challenges and discontents of modernity and in the relation to the historical past. More broadly, he is interested in European intellectual history from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and his work has been used by philosophers, historians, and theologians as well as by literary scholars.

Published: 7 July 2023

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