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UCBC Committee 2022-23

12 members of UCBC CommitteeMeet the University College Boat Club Committee for 2022-2023. UCBC is welcoming both novice rowers and experienced rowers so please do get in touch with the committee if you are interested in getting out on the water. Last Trinity term, Univ won the Women’s Headship for the first time so it is a particularly great time to get involved.

Man in a boat wearing UCBC kitAndrew Bridger (President) (2016, DPhil Chemistry)

I’m Andy (he/him) and I’m UCBC’s current president. I joined UCBC as an undergrad chemist in MT16, first rowed in M1 in TT18 and served as Men’s Captain from MT19 to TT22. When I get a spare few hours off rowing I do a DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry.

Women wearing UCBC blazersCharlie Kniebe-Evans (Vice President) (2018, Chemistry) 
Hi, I’m Charlie (she/her) – the current Vice-President for UCBC! My rowing journey began as a novice fresher at Univ in 2018 and (with a few bumps along the way) I ended up as Captain of the Headship winning women’s crew at Summer Eights 2022! I am now continuing my UCBC journey as VP! When I’m not at the river for crew training or chopping about in a single, I’m probably out for pancakes at one of our regular crew breakfasts! Learn more about Charlie in this profile.

Woman wearing UCBC kit in boat Harriet Atherton (Secretary) (2019, Biochemistry)
Hi, my name is Harriet (she/her) and I am your secretary this year! I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn a new sport at Uni and getting to know all the members – I would strongly encourage anyone of thinking of starting rowing to just give it a go.

Dr Nikolaos Kanellakis (Treasurer), Career Development Fellow

I am Nick (he/him) and I am the current Treasurer (time is money, so bio will be short). I joined UCBC as a cox two years ago and I have enjoyed every moment on and off the water. Racing Summer Torpids 2021 was more than amazing. If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Woman wearing UCBC kit in boatBecca Tanner (Women’s Captain) (2019, Earth Sciences)
Hi, I’m Becca (she/her) and I’m excited to be taking over as Women’s Captain for UCBC. I started rowing as a novice with UCBC back in 2019, and I’ve been incredibly proud to witness the many successes of the club since then. When not on the river, you can find me either in the Earth Sciences Department or at rowing socials!

Man wearing blue shirt on beachLloyd Arnold (Men’s Captain) (2020, Computer Science and Philosophy)
Hi! I’m Lloyd (he/him), a second-year student studying Computer Science and Philosophy. I’ve rowed since Trinity of my first year (covid ruined my original attempts in Michaelmas), and before that swam, hurdled, and played volleyball, hockey and rugby. I’m originally from Poole in Dorset, on the South coast of England, and contrary to popular belief do not have any Scandinavian heritage. My primary goals as Men’s Captain are to encourage more people within college to get involved in rowing, so if you are interested, please do drop me an email, either at ucbc.menscaptain@univ.ox.ac.uk or lloyd.arnold@univ.ox.ac.uk.

LouiWoman smiling sa Boult (Women’s Co-Vice Captain) (2021, Medicine)
Hi! My name’s Louisa (she/her), I’m a second year medic and I’ll be one of the Women*’s Vice Captains for the year 🙂 I’d never rowed before coming to Oxford and wasn’t completely sure what to expect… the early mornings were a shock to the system originally! But UCBC is such a wonderful community and the races and regattas are incredibly fun. I look forward to another year of Univ ruling the river!

Woman smiling Alex Jones (Women’s Co-Vice Captain) (2021, Law)
Hi, I’m Alex (she/her) and I’m a second year Law student. I am also your co-Vice Captain for the year and am so excited to organise everyone’s rowing and make it as fun as possible!

Blond man wearing UCBC blazerGregory Cuff (Men’s Vice-Captain) (2021, PPE)

I’m Greg and I’m one of the UCBC Men’s Vice Captains. I’m from Hamilton, Canada and started rowing in Michaelmas term last year; before that, I was a cyclist. I’m in my second year at Univ studying PPE. My job is to replicate the success of previous Vice Captains and assemble a glorious horde of novice rowers. Learn more about Greg in this profile.

Man wearing UCBC kit in boat Nic Steyn (Men’s Vice Captain) (2021, Statistics)
My favourite UCBC memory? It’s gotta be the entire Saturday of Summer Eights.




Chloe Bardou (Captain of Coxes) (2020, History and Politics)
Hi, I’m Chloe (she/her) and I’m a second year History and Politics student. I am also your Captain of Coxes for the year and am so excited to organise everyone’s coxing and make it as fun as possible! Having never even heard of rowing before coming to Oxford, I quickly dived into the sport, even though I did miss my 5.30 am Sunday morning alarm a couple of times! I cannot wait to get back onto the water next year, especially as rowing basically became my only personality trait!

Man wearing UCBC kitMax Bolton (IT & Communications Officer) (2021, PPE)
Hello! I’m Max (he/him) and am UCBC’s IT & Comms officer. I’m a second year PPE student and started rowing last year having been a cyclist before that. As IT officer, I’m responsible for building and maintaining the UCBC website (if you have content suggestions, let me know) but I’m also happy to chat more generally about rowing, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out! Learn more about Max in this profile.

Alice Chakraborty (Social Secretary) (2021, Classics and English) 

Bertie Coomber (Social Secretary) (2021, Chemistry)

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Published: 14 October 2022

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