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Old Members Trust Travel Grant Report – Chin-Min Liu, DPhil in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics

Thank the Old Members’ Trust Graduate Conference and Academic Travel Grant for helping me attend the conference held in National Central University, Taiwan. This conference especially focuses on the celestial bodies from our Solar System to galaxies and which is also a special event to celebrate my former Supervisor’s birthday. I presented my poster and discussed with other scholars and students in this conference as well.

The topic of my presentation is the numerical simulations of the atmospheric structure of Uranus. Since there is only one spacecraft and some telescopes to observe Uranus until now, thus there are still a lot of physical mechanisms and phenomena to be solved such as dark and bright spots, numerical simulation is a kind of methods to work out and analyse it. During the conference, I also met many scholars and researchers, some of them are the authors of books and investigators of space missions, they shared the experience of how to do research as well as conduct and design projects, which is very useful and important to our research career.

Another major event for this conference is to celebrate the birthday of my former Supervisor, Professor Wing-Huen Ip. Coincidentally, this year is the Grand Finale of Cassini spacecraft mission and he is one of the investigators of Cassini spacecraft project, so there are a lot of his colleagues from JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Max Planck Institute and other research institutes come to Taiwan to celebrate it together as well.

I acquired the experience of presentation and learnt how to deal with the research work with respect to my project during this conference from talking and discussing with other scholars. I would also like to thank my Supervisor, Professor Peter Read, Department and College for their support and assistance.

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Published: 3 September 2017

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