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Summer Tea Reception

Around 20 Old Members from the area joined Sir Ivor Crewe and Gordon Cox for a summer tea reception at David Frederick (1983, Politics) and Sophia Lynn’s home in McLean, Virginia, on Sunday, 14 July. Sir Ivor Crewe and Gordon Cox shared the College’s innovative vision for a new intergenerational community in the North of Oxford.

Sean Denniston (1987, History) said: “It was great to see the Master and meet Gordon. If you say ‘Univ’, Old Members across the Washington Area will rally forth — even it meant cutting short watching the most exciting Wimbledon and Cricket World Cup ever! Everyone is grateful for Sir Ivor’s service to the College and he will be missed. On the other hand, we are very excited about the new Master and the great plans for Stavertonia.”

Thanks to all the old members who joined the reception.

Photo credit: Sean Denniston

Published: 29 July 2019

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