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School visit to Univ

Students visiting UnivOn Monday 4 July 2022, 60 students from Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford visited Univ.

At Trinity, our mission is for every child to go to university, get a top job, and have a great life. We use the metaphor of students climbing their mountain to university or a real alternative.

When we bring whole year groups at a time to Oxford, it shows them what the top of the mountain looks like. Not every student will reach Oxford, but many will, as we are one of the highest-performing state schools in England. Either way, it is important for young people to see and experience one of the important cultural and academic icons of our country.

We took students to see the main quad, the Shelley memorial, the library, and Hall. For many, it was a wholly new experience and they were impressed by what they saw. One of our English teachers was possibly more excited than the students by the Shelley memorial!

Another highlight was seeing a picture of one of their teachers as part of the Young Univ Gallery in the Hall. Following their tour of the College and the city centre, students went to stay at the Scout camp at Youlbury for two days of adventure.

– James O’Connell-Lauder (2007, PPE & PGCE)

Published: 14 September 2022

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