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Royal Society of Chemistry

Old Members Trust Travel Grant Report – Benjamin Rehemtulla

With support from the Old Members’ Trust I was able to attend the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 25th International Symposium that was conveniently held in Oxford this year.

The conference was held on the 17-20 July and featured a full programme of talks by renowned researchers from both academia and industry which is unusual at a largely academic conference. The conference is also famous for its evening sessions which allow the headline speakers to talk for as long as they want after dinner (far longer than the “budgeted” 1 hour slot usually)! These days of talks were really inspirational and gave an impression of where the field of organic chemistry is heading in the next few years

It also featured two poster sessions and so it was good to meet both academics and DPhil students to learn about their current research and discuss ideas long before they appear in scientific journals. It was also an opportunity to talk to the academics about future post-doctoral possibilities with attendees from as far away as Australia.

It was an invaluable learning experience and I came away from the conference with plenty of new ideas and possible future career opportunities.

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Published: 1 August 2017

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