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Profile: Ardeel Hussain

Young man with short black hair and square glasses standing on main quad in puffer with Univ crest and initials

Ardeel Hussain (2022, PPE), JCR President

Ardeel is in his second year studying PPE at Univ. He is JCR President – the JCR’s chief representative and oversees the JCR Committee. Ardeel is also part of the first cohort of the Beacon Programme, which promotes the success of talented students of all backgrounds who have experienced marked educational or socio-economic disadvantage.

How have you changed since walking through Univ’s doors for the first time?
I think as a person I have definitely grown and become much more confident in myself. I am more willing to try out new things and I have learnt a lot from meeting so many brilliant people from a huge array of different backgrounds. Being at university is a real step up in terms of independence and I truly feel like a “proper” adult now.

I’ve also developed academically and I’ve noticed both my ability to articulate my ideas and defend an argument improve over my first year.

Why did you choose to study PPE? Has anything surprised you about the course?
Choosing PPE to some extent is something that came from indecisiveness in what I wanted to study further. I have always had a keen (nerdy) interest in politics and the news and have been fascinated with questions about the whys and hows of society and the world. I really struggled with narrowing down what I studied at school and for a degree, PPE fit with its broad nature encompassing three distinct but ultimately interlinked subjects.

One thing that has surprised me about PPE is how unique each individual’s degree ends up looking. With a large number of options and choices available from the second year, some of my coursemates and I won’t share any classes together and in a way we are doing completely different degrees!

Do you have any advice for settling into life in Oxford and/or one piece of advice for freshers?
I would say everyone settles into life here at different rates and that is completely normal. Your first few days, weeks and even first year can be a huge adjustment and it will inevitably take you time to get comfortable and find your place here so don’t worry if you feel you haven’t found your people at the start of your time here. Take your time and try new things, you are likely to find like-minded people by exploring events and societies you are interested in.

One piece of advice for those joining us is to savour your time here! You have worked very hard to be here and whilst you are at Univ you will find time flies. The terms are quite short and each week will pass by quickly so make the most of the Oxford experience by exploring the city and University and document your time here in some way to treasure your memories here!

Young man with short black hair and square glasses wearing shirt and light grey jumper giving a speechWhat has been your favourite moment at Univ so far?
Becoming JCR President was definitely a highlight and it is a real honour to be elected to represent the undergraduate body at Univ and trusted to work to improve life for students.
I do have to say the JCR BBQ we held in the summer was amazing. It was a real display of Univ as a community, from first years to finalists, getting together to enjoy the weather and some good food, out on the Goodhart Lawn. Something we are definitely working hard to organise again!

What are you most excited about in this coming year as JCR President?
Being JCR President gives me a real chance to make a difference to Univ and to really work on implementing lasting positive change for students.

Univ as a college is one that is forward-thinking and often ahead of the curve, I want to continue that and push it even further by expanding who Univ is open to and cutting down barriers to applying and studying here at Univ.

It has already been amazing to work with my committee, the student body, College staff and others to organise a Welcome Week offer to cater to different interests and tastes. I look forward to continuing this in the year ahead to put on some memorable events for the JCR.

Serving the student body of the College which is celebrating its 775th anniversary is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am already hard at work to make this place as best as it can be for those here now and those who are yet to come!

Describe Univ in three words.
Ambitious, Friendly, Home

Published: 2 October 2023

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