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Pack for good

Since launching in 2011, The British Heart Foundation Pack for Good university campaign has grown to work with over 95 university partners across the UK as well as 10 councils and 41 private student housing companies in 39 cities, across 212 properties.

During that time, over 620,000 bags have been donated by university students UK wide. That equates to almost 5,000 tonnes of unwanted items diverted from going to landfill and instead raising money to help save lives.

How can Univ students help?

Please consider recycling any belongings you would normally put into the waste bin at the end of term. If you don’t want to take it home, but it may be useful to someone else, then please use one of the red bags – available from the Main Porters Lodge or the Lodge in Bennet Building at Stavs – to recycle it and help raise money for BHF. This could be clothing, books, cooking equipment, shoes, handbags, etc… If it is rubbish, then bin it, but if the items could be reused by someone else, please consider donating the item.

Additional bags havre been dropped off at Harberton Mead and Iffley Road.

Published: 5 June 2018

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