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JCR’s new home

students in the new JCRAfter nearly 130 years of occupying the same space above the SCR in Univ’s Main Quad the JCR has found a new home in Logic Lane.

“It isn’t that the SCR chased it out,” The Master explained at the opening of the new Common Room on 26 April, “Quite the contrary – the relationship between the JCR and SCR has always been very cordial and I’m surprised myself that the JCR hasn’t complained about the noise being made by the SCR below them.”

In fact one of the driving motivations for the move was a question of accessibility; an issue first raised by former JCR President Josh Richards (2013, History and Politics) and driven forwards, in the words of Sir Ivor, “energetically and effectively” by current President Maninder Sachdeva.

Univ JCR Common Room OpeningAddressing the Fellows, staff and students at the opening celebrations, Maninder observed “More than just a new room, I think that this is a step that ensures that Univ lives up to the highest standards when it comes to accessibility, not just because it will add to the many things that Univ does right, but because it’s our duty as a world class institution to remove any barriers to success whatever they may be.” Adding: “I would like to thank everybody who worked behind the scenes to help us reach this point, the Fellows of the College, Angela (Unsworth), Teresa (Strike) and the entire Domestic Bursary – I can’t count the number of meetings Teresa and I have sat through to pick specific colours on a mood board… Finally I would like to thank the Univ JCR members because, without you, this room would simply be a hollow space.”

Univ JCR Common Room OpeningSir Ivor Crewe added his thanks to: “Montgomery Associates, the architects, Richard Ward, the building contractor, a big thank you to Teresa for working so hard with Maninder to make all of this possible – to all of her team, who I know worked very hard today and yesterday to get everything spick and span, and to our wonderful works department, under Huw Davies, who did all of the finishing work.”

He concluded: “In the best Univ tradition JCR meetings will be elevated by high moral purpose, eloquent debate, fiery rhetoric and very bad jokes and also in the best Univ tradition it will continue to be a warm, intimate and welcoming place for all Univ undergraduates, now and for generations to come. I wish it well…”

Univ JCR Common Room OpeningIn addition to the others assembles there was also one very special guest helping to welcome the SCR to fresh fields. Bob Morris worked at Univ from 1949 until 2007 – nominally retiring in 1999 and receiving an MBE for services to College, he continued to preside over JCR teas for many years. In recognition to both his long service and the affection in which he was held during his time at Univ the new Common Room is named in his honour and, following the speeches, he helped secure the new room’s nameplate to the (fully accessible) door.

Please enjoy this selection of photographs below celebrating the day – click to enlarge.

Published: 30 April 2018

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