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Oxford Immunology Symposium winner

Woman giving presentationOn Monday 20 March, Alice Evans (2018, Biomedical Sciences) won the first award for the best talk at Oxford Immunology Symposium 2023. She is currently a second year DPhil student in the University’s Department of Oncology.

Alice’s research is focussed on the ex vivo culture of pancreatic tumour slices in order to advance for CAR-T therapy. In addition to her DPhil, Alice is a freelance science writer for InvIOs Bio.

Alice graduated from Univ with a first in Biomedical Sciences, focusing on Immunology, Virology and Oncology. She has previously worked with The University of Birmingham, researching the dynamics of the PEAR1 pathway of platelet aggregation in the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. She also undertook a project at The Dunn School of Pathology using iPSC-derived macrophages to investigate the role of STING activation in neural inflammation in Parkinson’s disease.

Published: 13 April 2023

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