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Meet Univ’s smallest fresher

“Hello, I’m new to the Univ Family!

“So… I find myself here. She did say it was beautiful here, and She was right about that. She said the people in the Lodge were really lovely and I would have a lovely bed of my own and nice food and toys and someone to talk to whenever I wanted to talk, and she was right about that too. She also said though, that there would be a welcoming committee; so where is it? Where is the adoring public I was promised? What is a kitten to understand about 0th week? I do understand though that I am a very lucky kitten indeed to be coming to such a place and I undertake to be the best College cat that I can be and grow up in the best Univ traditions.

“So, if anything gets broken, I will not have been there at the time, if there is sick in the quad it will not be mine and I will have been curled up in my bed all night (well, unless there’s grass in it and then I suppose I am caught red handed), but if anyone is sad or upset and in need of the very best feline company I will be there whenever I am needed. I’m already grateful to our lovely old members who have set me up with enough kitten food to get me by for a considerable period without even knowing me, She says I can count myself very fortunate to be the Univ cat; I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about on this. I look forward to reading all about me on the various social media Univ Cat adoration pages which are now certain to pop up all over!”

(Cat translation courtesy of Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar)

Our little kitty fresher (she/her) doesn’t have a name yet, so please help us chose one. Just fill in the form below by Monday, 13 September – once we have a shortlist, we’ll be putting it to the vote so please keep an eye on the College website and social media.

Note: Suggestions now closed

Published: 8 September 2021

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