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Meet Clement Cattlee

Meet Clement Cattlee, the newest member of the Univ family.

Cattlee was a stray who decided to make College his home a few weeks ago, positively encouraged by the number of students who took to feeding him. He’s now been officially adopted as the College cat and is having to get used to trips to the vet for his jabs and check-ups, and to (mostly) indoor life now that he calls the Lodge home (although, unfortunately Main Quad still seems to be his litter tray…)

His first visit to the vets confirmed that Cattlee was around 18months old, unneutered, unchipped, skinny and generally “a bit rough around the edges”. Hannah Capstick (2019, Music), who helps rescue cats at home, says: “He was immediately very affectionate, and good at convincing people to give him scraps; he adopted us rather than us him. He’s known for running across the Quads to see people and get some fuss and will climb up your legs to try and steal some Dreamies! He’s very talkative, meowing and purring (mostly for food).”

You can follow Cattlee in Instagram and Twitter and there is a PayPal “tip jar” set up to buy him treats and keep him happy.

We warmly welcome you to Univ Cattlee.

Published: 3 December 2020

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