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Internal choral and instrumental awards

Univ MusicThe College is pleased to announce that the 2021/22 internal music scholarships have been awarded.

Instrumental scholarships are awarded to musicians from the College who have excellence in their chosen instrument, and also take an active part in music-making within the College and in a wider University setting.

Choral scholarships are awarded to members of the Chapel Choir who have demonstrated commitment to the choir and leadership within it.

Choral bursaries are equivalent to choral scholarships, but are offered to members of the Chapel Choir from other colleges who show similar commitment and leadership. We are lucky to have members of other colleges in the choir at Univ, either because they come from colleges without a similar choral set-up, or simply because they prefer to sing at Univ rather than the choir in their own college.

Congratulations go to the following:

Instrumental Scholarships:
Hannah Capstick (flute) (2019, Music)
Laura Kirkham (flute) (2020, Music)

Choral Scholarships:
Holly Mortimer (2018, Engineering)
Ethan Petrou (2018, DPhil Environmental Research)

Choral Bursary:
Håvard Damm-Johnsen (2020, DPhil Maths)

Giles Underwood, Director of Music

Published: 22 April 2022

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