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Election to Zentrum für Klassikforschung

Black and white photo of man in front of old monuments wearing a scarf and coat with windswept hairNicholas Halmi, Margaret Candfield Tutorial Fellow in English, Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Fellow Librarian, has been elected to the Zentrum für Klassikforschung (Research Centre for European Classicism) of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

The Stiftung is Germany’s second-largest cultural foundation, responsible for over 30 museums, archives, and historical sites in and around Weimar, with a particular focus on Goethe and his age.

Professor Halmi commented, “The Zentrum is in effect the foundation’s research advisory board, election to which is via nomination by current Zentrum members. Since it’s unusual for someone not formally trained as a Germanist to be elected, I am especially gratified by this honour.”

On 18 December, he participated in an event co-organised by Univ OM Matthew Hardy, a celebration of the centenary of the publication of William Carlos Williams’s famous poem “The Red Wheelbarrow“. The event was held in Paris at the English-language bookshop named after the poem. Matthew first encountered the poem as a fresher in a Prelims class taught by Professor Halmi.

Professor Halmi‘s research is concerned principally with British and Continental European literature, philosophy, and visual arts (including architecture) from the mid-17th to mid-19th centuries (Enlightenment and Romanticism), particularly in response to the challenges and discontents of modernity and in the relation to the historical past. More broadly, he is interested in European intellectual history from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and his work has been used by philosophers, historians, and theologians as well as by literary scholars.

Published: 16 February 2024

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