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Change in Univ North governance

The Univ North Working Party has been ably guiding the College, since 2017, through the early stages of the appointment of architects and landscape designers and has advised on all the stages up to now. The Master (Sir Ivor and then subsequently Baroness Amos) have chaired it. The UNWP consisted of a mixture of Fellows, Old Members, and expert advisors.

As the College enters a “tendering and build” phase, the development requires active day-to-day oversight. The experienced and valuable UNWP, and its members, will continue in its role as a “critical friend”, and also a conduit for external inputs and information chaired by long-serving member, Vice-Master, Professor Peter Jezzard.

The formal project management structure will be joined by a Project Board, and an Oversight Committee: both small groups of key individuals to ensure that the College can respond quickly to decisions and keep the project moving efficiently. The Oversight Committee, chaired by the Master, will meet six to seven times per year and has delegated authority from Governing Body to ensure holistic accountability for the Univ North project, and is accountable for the delivery of high-level objectives and cost monitoring.

The Project Board will meet much more frequently (up to fortnightly during construction) and will deal with the day-to-day decisions on the delivery of the project, including design and procurement details. The Finance Bursar chairs this committee.

The College remains hugely grateful to the Old Members, friends, Fellows and staff who have, and will continue to provide invaluable support and guidance over the many years of this transformational project.

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Published: 2 December 2021

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