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Bob Thomas scholarship

Philip PearcyThe Oxford-Bob Thomas Scholarship was established in 2016 at University College, to assist eligible postgraduate students admitted to the Department of Chemistry. The scholarship is named in honour of Dr Robert K. Thomas FRS, Emeritus Fellow, and co-funded by University College Old Members and the Department of Chemistry. Dr Thomas was Aldrichian Praelector in Physical Chemistry and a Fellow of University College for three decades (1978-2008). The scholarship covers course fees and provides a grant for living costs.

Philip Pearcy is a first year DPhil student, and the current Bob Thomas scholar in Chemistry. His research focuses on gas phase metal clusters and their reactivity to small molecules. On Saturday, 20 February 2020, Philip presented his research progress as part of the College’s Donor Day, to provide an update and to thank donors for their support of this scholarship. Watch the video below:

Published: 5 August 2021

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