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Barristers under threat

Barristers under threatSuzy Azim (2018, Law) has written a blog about a lecture by Barrister Caroline Mbinkar, Visiting Fellow in Law at University College, on the Cameroon Conflict Research Group blog, organised by Roxana Willis, Junior Research Fellow in Law.

Caroline Mbinkar co-founded “ALL for Cameroon”, a pro bono law chambers, in 2009, offering free legal advice and representation to the marginalised and vulnerable in Cameroon. She is also at the frontline Cameroonian resistance movement and the Co-Investigator and Lead Advisor, with Dr Roxana Willis, on the “Voices from the Cameroon Conflict” project. As part of her work, Caroline runs a student law clinic, supervising and training students from around the world including Cameroon, Belgium, France, Nigeria, the UK, the USA and Zimbabwe

Caroline discussed how she maintained her passion and drive in the face of worsening conditions in Cameroon. Suzy talks about how Caroline’s talk inspired her: “success as a human rights activist is not just measured against the scale of change you personally ignite, but it is also measured by the strength and consistency of your compassion and determination.”

Finally, Suzy asked Caroline what university students, like her, could do to help. Her answer was to talk to people about Cameroon, whether it was talking to friends or writing to politicians.

You can read Suzy’s blog online and learn more about Dr Roxana Willis in her profile.

Published: 25 June 2020

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