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Aspire’s Social Impact

As the end of the year approaches, many of us reflect on what we have experienced, achieved, and anticipate for the future to hold.

Here at Aspire Oxford, we are incredibly proud to look back at our work over the past financial year and see considerable impact on the lives of so many facing difficulty, motivated in our ongoing mission to empower marginalised people to address their needs, unlock their potential, and change their lives.

We are very pleased to be able to launch our latest Social Impact Report for 2018-19 which measures both the impact of our programmes, and the significant rise in demand for the collaborative support and multitude of services we offer – which has never been greater.

Meeting the Ongoing Demand

Last year, Aspire provided person-centred support to 2,163 vulnerable people in need of specialist advice to leave homelessness, poverty, offending and substance misuse behind. This number represents an increase of 46% from the year before – an unprecedented increase in demand for our work.

Through the crucial work of our steadfast team, and the backing of our communities, funders, local and national partners and our growing social enterprises, we have been able to step up and respond to this demand. We’ve been able to expand our projects and provide specialist and preventative training, activities and support across wellbeing, housing and employment – all informed by the expertise, awareness and lived experience of our diverse team.

Our beneficiary Frank, on his experience with Aspire Oxford:

“[Aspire] took me under their wings and made me realise that I matter in life – they helped me to find employment, and helped me to find a home. Being an ex-offender, this has given me hope and security for my future.”

However, in spite of our progress and the successes we can celebrate today, the need for our work continues to increase.

From spring through to winter, the often under-recognised issues surrounding homelessness, poverty and disadvantage continue to be major issues across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. They continue to be intensified by a challenging national climate of uncertainty and inconsistency. Here at Aspire, we strive to make sure that anyone facing challenges such as homelessness, offending or poverty are given the chances they deserve.

Support Aspire Today

Whether you choose to donate, fundraise, volunteer, or spread the word – there are a variety of ways to support the much-needed work of Aspire Oxford today.

If you are interested in finding out more about Aspire Oxford and the award-winning support we provide across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, visit our website to explore our services.

Find out more about Aspire by visiting aspireoxfordshire.org or on our Univ in the Community page.

Published: 6 November 2019

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