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Aspire’s emergency appeal

When the spotlight is no longer shining on the challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19, many people will be able to rebuild a sense of normality in their lives, and things will look brighter.

However, for hundreds of disadvantaged and marginalised people across Oxfordshire, this luxury was not a reality before, nor will it be so on the other side. Many people are currently at risk of or experiencing poverty and homelessness, with limited access to nutrition, medication, and the ability to safely self-isolate.

The critical obstacles to health, housing and employment faced by the most vulnerable members of our communities today will not relent with the current crisis – and many more will be at risk as the economic damage is assessed.

Aspire is here to make sure that these people, too often forgotten, have the crucial individual support they need as soon as possible, waiting is simply not an option.

No One Left Behind

We are launching an Emergency Appeal to ensure we can step up, and meet the unprecedented level of demand for our specialist services in the coming months – so no one is left behind.

The Aspire team is working tirelessly in collaboration so we can continue to reach people, with minimal disruption to the vital employment and homelessness prevention guidance we provide to over 2,000 beneficiaries, in spite of the current crisis.

“I am so grateful for the support from Aspire, delivering food parcels and daily telephone support, it helps my mental health knowing someone is at the other end of the phone.” – S, Aspire housing project beneficiary:

From emails and phone calls to video chats, we are digitising our regular 1:1 support so we can continue to be there for all who need us. We are helping our beneficiaries to understand what national updates mean for them on an individual level, and responding swiftly in emergencies, collecting and delivering food and prescriptions to those in need with limited access.

We are maintaining our homelessness prevention service and employment support to prevent evictions, providing signposts to online training, support resources, and making links with appropriate services and agencies. We are playing a key role in establishing temporary emergency accommodation in Oxford for those at risk of or experiencing rough sleeping, and working to strengthen Aspire’s resilience as an organisation, so we can continue to be here, providing both effective short and long-term support as needed.

But we can’t achieve this alone.

How Can I Support Aspire Today?

Make a donation to Aspire’s Emergency Appeal today to play a vital role in maintaining and strengthening the crucial support we provide to those in need across the county, so no one is left behind.

Any amount you are able to give will make a significant difference to the continuation of our much-needed services and every £1 donated up to £15,000 by 17 April 2020 will be doubled by our incredible match donors, so your donation will have an even greater impact on the lives of those facing disadvantage, poverty and homelessness across Oxfordshire.

  • £50 could fund a home-starter kit for someone moving into new accommodation
  • £220 could provide needs assessments for 10 families at risk of eviction
  • £2,500 could furnish eight beds in emergency accommodation for rough sleepers
  • £5,000 could provide long-term employment and housing support for 20 people affected by the COVID-19 crisis

Find out more about Aspire by visiting aspireoxfordshire.org or on our Univ in the Community page. You can also email Aspire.

Published: 25 March 2020

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