Maths University College OxfordMathematics at University level has a much greater emphasis on mathematical rigour and precision than most students will have encountered at school. Rather than focusing on just “getting the right answer”, we are more interested in the construction of a clear and logical argument. Some topics in Pure Mathematics aim to put familiar concepts such as calculus on a firm theoretical footing; others involve developing axiomatic theories about abstract mathematical objects, for example groups (see Applied Mathematics involves the use of mathematics to model problems in the real world, typically in the physical or social sciences, while Statistics is related to the analysis of data to produce reliable inferences and predictions. We are interested not just in the applications of familiar methods, but also in the development of sophisticated new mathematical concepts and computational tools to tackle new applications.

At Univ, we have a strong team of tutors in Mathematics and Statistics, as well as Computer Science and Philosophy, and we welcome applicants to read Mathematics and all of the related joint schools: Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Mathematics & Philosophy. We are committed to giving our students the encouragement and support that they need to succeed. Throughout their first and second years, students are supported by College tutorials and small group classes. During the third and fourth years, teaching in Mathematics is largely based on departmental classes, but we continue to offer support and advice, as well as assistance with revision and exam preparation.

The Univ Mathematics & Computer Science Society organises regular social events, and there is a strong tradition of experienced students offering mentoring and advice to new students. The College awards generous annual prizes (named the Nathan Prizes, after a former Univ mathematics student), for outstanding performances in university examination papers in mathematics.

Information about the Mathematics course structure, its many options, and admissions criteria on the University of Oxford’s main website, available at

Any undergraduate degree at Oxford provides you with a wide range of transferable skills and Univ’s students progress to a variety of careers. Oxford’s career service provides destination statistics for graduates.


If you are considering applying for Mathematics, a number of resources you might find useful to explore beyond the school curriculum can be found on Univ’s Staircase12 pages, including the Reading Bank and Resource Hub.

Also watch former Univ student Dan review Fermat’s Last Theorem in our video review here.

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