Philanthropic Societies

At Univ we are immensely grateful for the generous and continuing support of our Old Members and Friends, which sustains and enhances all of the activities undertaken in the College.

In our annual Roll of Donors and on our website, we recognise all those who have supported us each year, unless anonymity has been specified. In addition, we have established a series of societies, and a programme of events and other activities, to express our gratitude and to celebrate our supporters’ generosity. For more information about our philanthropic societies, please contact or read the brochure below.



List of Donors to Univ First Eight Women’s Blades

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following Univ Old Members who made a gift to the Women's First Eight Blades Fund in 2015-16. Between them, they raised more than £4,870. We thank them for their generosity and commitment to the College.


Rupert Bowen (1966)
Andrew Brownlee (1969)
Roger Embling (1965)
Iain Farrell (1968)
Tom Floyd (1969)
John Gaymer (1965)
Charles Holloway (1969)
Bruce Kerr (1965)
Henry Machin (Friend of Univ)
Angus Macindoe (1967)
Tony Mason (1969)
Sandy Nairne (1971)
Stephen Powles (1967)
Nick Rawlins (1968)
Arland Shawe-Taylor (1969)
Antony Taylor (1967)
Jonny Taylor (2001)