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Free Will

Free WillBy Sam Harris
Review by Uri (Psychology and Philosophy)

Do we actually have the ability to choose how to act? Is everything that we do just a consequence of how we have been brought up and how the biology in our brains work? Can we be held responsible for things that we do if we do not have any free choice? Do we deserve praise for doing things we don’t have any free choose to do? Can we really punish people if they didn’t have a choice of how to act? Did you know that experiments have been conducted where using special technology, experimenters can tell what decisions participants will make even before the participants have decided to make a particular decision? This book answers all these really important questions in a really clear and interesting manner. It’s full of analogies and examples making it easy to understand and fun to read. What I love most about this book is that it gave me the ideas and clarity in order to spark fascinating and controversial debates with people of all ages. This book is great for anyone interested in the philosophical ideas and implications regarding free will, as well as any budding psychologists who are interested in learning about some ground-breaking experiments relating to the existence of free will.

Free Will by Sam Harris
ISBN-10: 9781451683400
ISBN-13: 9978-1451683400

Try checking the availability of this book at your school or local library or explore second hand bookshops and websites. You may also wish to purchase from either Amazon or Blackwell’s.

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