Richard Ashdowne

Richard Ashdowne

Supernumerary Fellow and Tutor for Undergraduates, Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, Stipendiary Lecturer in Linguistics


In Classics I teach Latin and Greek language to students reading Classics, alongside the faculty’s provision of classes. I also teach students reading Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, or Ancient and Modern History who have opted for papers in Latin or Greek Language.

In Linguistics, I am the organising tutor for Linguistics in Univ, whether as part of the course in Modern Languages and Linguistics, or Psychology, Philsophy and Linguistics. I teach two of the three strands of the first-year course, namely General linguistics and Grammatical analysis, and then the core paper and some options in the finals course, including historical linguistics.


My main interests are in language change and in the history of Latin and the Romance languages. For six years until 2014 I worked full-time as a lexicographer on the project compiling the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources ( and I have continued to work on this material since the final part of the Dictionary was published.

Selected Publications

• Richard Ashdowne & Carolinne White (eds) (2017) Latin in Medieval Britain(OUP/British Academy).
• Richard Ashdowne (2016) “Address systems”, in Martin Maiden & Adam Ledgway (eds), The Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages (OUP), 897-906.
• Richard Ashdowne (2015) “Dictionaries of dead languages”, in Philip Durkin (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Lexicography (OUP), 350-66.
• R E Latham, D R Howlett, & R K Ashdowne (eds) (1975-2013) Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (OUP/British Academy).
• Richard Ashdowne & James Morwood (2007) Writing Latin (Duckworth/Bristol Classical Press).

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