John Morton

John Morton

Supernumerary Fellow and Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science


I give tutorials in Structures and Mechanics (P3) to First Year Students; and Structures, Materials and Dynamics (A3) to Second Year Students in Univ. I also tutor the Engineering in Society (B2) course in the Third Year of the Engineering Science course.In the University’s Department of Engineering Science, I supervise a Third Year Group Design Project.


My research has been mainly in the field of the mechanics of composite materials and structures. Particular areas of interest include the study of the development of damage in composites as a result of impact; the development of robust test methods for the determination of design data essential for the incorporation of composites in aerospace applications; and the significance of size and scale effects on damage and strength.

Having also spent a significant part of my career in business, I also have an interest in entrepreneurship and business strategy.

Selected Publications

“Scaling of impact loaded carbon-fiber composites” AIAA Journal 26 (8)989-994 1988

(with W. J. Cantwell) “The impact resistance of composite materials: a review” Composites 22 (5) 343-362 1991

(with S. Kellas) “Strength scaling in fiber composites” AIAA Journal, 30 (4) 1992

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(with J. Zhou, A. Pellegrino, U. Heisserer, P.W. Duke, P.T. Curtis, N. Petrinic and V.L. Tagarielli) “A new technique for tensile testing of engineering materials and composites at high strain rates.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Proc.R. Soc.A 475: 2019 0310.

(with J. Zhou, U. Heisserer, P.W. Duke, P.T. Curtis, J. and V.L. Tagarielli) “The sensitivity of the tensile properties of PMMA, Kevlar® and Dyneema® to temperature and strain rate.” Polymer, 225 (2021) 123781.

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