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Young Univ Stories: Thomas Huen

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. My parents sacrificed a great deal so that I could attend good local schools. Yet, studying internationally remained a distant dream. Thanks to the generous support from Univ and the Swire Scholarship, I went on to obtain a BA in mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematical and computational finance, graduating in 2011.

Through my time at Oxford, I was inspired by the breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as the past and present great minds before me. I also saw first-hand how we should make a positive difference with the excellent education we have acquired.

Since graduation, I have pursued a positive career in public finance and central banking. I am currently an associate director of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, primarily responsible for the management of foreign exchange reserves. With the unique challenges posed in today’s market environment, it requires one to constantly stay ahead of the curve, and to tap into the best ideas from fields such as advanced modelling, data science and behavioural economics.

Outside of work, there is quite an active Oxbridge alumni community here with over 500 members, where the club hosts academic, cultural and social events regularly.

My family and I have been forever grateful to the College and the Swire Educational Trust for this life-changing opportunity. I would endeavour to inspire the next generation of talents and spread the opportunities.

Thomas Huen (2007, BA & MSc Maths), Associate Director, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Published: 4 August 2021

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