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Univ tree relocation

In line with Univ’s continued commitment to sustainability, several mature trees at the rear of 115 Fairfield, at our Univ North development, were identified for potential relocation. These included a magnolia, maple and pear trees, and a number of relatively newly planted Scots pines.

A logistically complicated process, their relocation was planned collaboratively between SDC (our building contractors), Future Nature – who have been advising College on conservation and sustainability – and the Univ North and Garden Teams. Whilst the pear made the short journey to 21 Staverton Road, the remainder were transported to Univ’s Sportsground on the Abingdon Road, a site suitable for access with such large, heavy loads.

The process involved:
• New areas identified for trees.
• SDC checking for underlaying pipes and cables.
• Area/wasteland scraped off with 1.5 tonne digger.
• Soil rotavated.
• 4-5 Tonne of loam added.
• Areas seeded with grass seed and wildflower.
• Open fence erected to prevent access, but enable wildlife to roam (deer and badgers are common at the Sportsground)

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The location of Univ’s visionary North Oxford development at Staverton Road has been a second home for students for 50 years. The new Univ North development will offer the College’s community of staff, students and academics modern, energy-efficient, multi-functional buildings with up to 150 study bedspaces, gym, café, study and meeting spaces, as well as a 54-place nursery provision. The scheme will renovate existing buildings, rejuvenate heritage orchards, and offer beautifully landscaped gardens, together with accessible access routes and rooms. This continues Univ’s aim to provide the very best facilities for students, staff and academics.

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Published: 18 August 2023

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