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Univ to receive unprecedented $35 million

Valerie Amos with Dr David Frederick and his wife Sophie Lynn

University College, Oxford to receive an unprecedented $35 million through innovative philanthropy to support completion of Univ North.

Univ North, a state-of-the-art, sustainable, intergenerational education and living space in North Oxford will be a second site for Univ, enhancing its collegiate community.

The most ambitious building project in Univ’s history, since the Main Quad in the 17th century, Univ North can only be realised thanks to the innovative financing arrangement supported by generous philanthropist, Dr David Frederick, US attorney, University College alumnus and Foundation Fellow.

“Sophie and I are delighted to participate in an innovative philanthropic model that benefits two important institutions where I spent many happy years as a student. Our agreement will ensure modern, multi-purpose facilities for University College, Oxford at a second site (Univ North), where students can flourish and deepen their sense of community with the College and City of Oxford.” – Dr David Frederick

The agreement between Dr Frederick, Baroness Valerie Amos, Master of University College, Oxford, and Chancellor Pat Gallagher, University of Pittsburgh, ensures the phased donation of $35 million to fund Univ’s transformational Univ North building development project. It is underpinned by Univ’s 50-year commitment to distribute a proportion of the income generated from the completed Univ North development to the University of Pittsburgh Honors College, where Dr Frederick completed his undergraduate degree.

This commitment will expand the impact of the donation in a novel way by benefitting two important institutions, their staff, students, and Fellows, for the next century.

Dr Frederick continues, “The University of Pittsburgh Honors College will derive substantial and enduring benefits from this arrangement. Our hope is that the project will enrich the educational experience in an inclusive way at both institutions for many decades to come.”

In addition, Dr Frederick has gifted a further $5 million to the Univ North project.

Valerie Amos, Master, said: “We are enormously grateful to David Frederick for his exceptional support and longstanding commitment to our College. Univ North will be transformational for Univ, enabling us to further realise our vision through our commitment to academic excellence, diversity and inclusion.”

When complete, Univ North will comprise up to 150 en-suite study bedrooms, a nursery with outdoor space for up to 54 children, café, gym, and study, meeting, and recital spaces. Its immediate neighbour within the grounds includes the existing Fairfield Residential Home, which offers the potential for genuine multi-generational interactions. Residents and staff at Univ North will benefit from the development and its landscaped gardens, rejuvenated heritage orchards, and an environment focused on wellbeing, sustainability and shared purpose.

David Frederick, Sophie Lynn, Valerie Amos, Pat Gallagher

Chancellor Pat Gallagher, University of Pittsburgh, said: “David has filled life, personally and professionally, with moments of impact. Now, his name is inextricably linked to a College at the University of Pittsburgh that is devoted to doing the same.

“Pitt Honors students are exceptionally gifted and eager to make a difference – just like David. I am grateful for both his and Sophie’s support, friendship and continued investment in our students, their academic careers, and their lifelong success.”

The University of Pittsburgh is well-known for its pioneering access programmes and scholarships. It will use this gift to establish the David C. Frederick Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh, which will support a range of programming and staffing needs, including efforts to expand diversity and inclusivity.

You can read more about the College’s vision for its complementary community, and our latest developments, on the Univ North microsite.

Published: 6 July 2022

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