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Univ Library poetry competition

printing blocks spelling out Univ Library poetry competitionWe’re excited to announce to you all that Univ Library is holding a poetry competition, open to all Univ members, over 6th Week.

Sixth week is historically a peak time for students to experience high levels of stress, and this point in the academic year can be difficult for staff who have been working relentlessly through a cycle of busy periods. As such, we thought now would be an ideal time for everyone to allow themselves a break and do something creative. Creative activity can have positive results for combatting rumination and intrusive thinking, while Pireeni Sundaralingam’s (our Poet Laureate) research explores creativity as a method for supporting shifts in thinking patterns. Stepping away from your work to write a line of poetry, even if only a few minutes, could help you to recharge your batteries while also freeing up your way of thinking.

We welcome submissions of all forms and genres of poetry, on any topic: we’re equally keen to read haiku, epic narrative, limerick poems (please keep filth within reasonable bounds) and every other form of verse. Next week is also the University’s Green Action Week, so this may be an opportunity to trek into nature and emulate the great Romantics.

You can submit your entry (or entries) in hardcopy via the submission boxes stationed in each Library, or via email to library@univ.ox.ac.uk, up until end of play on Thursday 23 February. Oh, and the winning poet will receive a very gaudy Radcliffe Camera-design teapot.

The New Library box is next to the issue PC; the Old Library box is upstairs next to the Catalogue Search PC

Happy scribing!
The Library Team

Published: 15 February 2023

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