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UCBC ergathon update

UCBC ergathon updateUCBC took to dry land for a 24 hour ergathon in support of Oxfordshire Mind last weekend. Two ergs were set up under shelter in Radcliffe Quad with the doors open out onto High Street with rowers eventually heading indoors for the night shifts.

The ergathon has been very successful so far. At least one rowing machine was moving for 24 hours in a team erg marathon. Other Univ sports clubs and students came to row in support, including Univ RFC and several College couples (married and unmarried!). UCBC managed to row 444km in total, which is further than the distance between Oxford and Amsterdam, with 52 students participating and have raised a total of over £1000 so far. Their target is £2000 and you can donate via their Justgiving page.

UCBC ergathon update

As night fell, the rowing continued.

Rowing Together for Healthy Minds was started in memory of René Zamudio, who rowed with Bristol Uni and Imperial College Boat Clubs. The RTHM Campaign has three aims: change the attitudes towards the stigma that exists surrounding mental health, encourage people (mostly students) to feel comfortable talking about mental health, and make it easier for people to identify and approach others who are suffering in silence.

You can see videos of the event on UCBC’s Instagram account and still donate via their Justgiving page.

Published: 20 November 2019

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