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Trekking in Türkiye: A Short Scholar Diary

Friends from Univ with Turkish family in Turkish villageRoger Short Memorial Fund Travel Diary — Joshua Pearson (2021, Engineering) 

This is the diary I wrote while travelling in Türkiye. It is not a beautiful, flowing or consistent account of our travels. Please excuse any gaps or mistakes. Much of this was written in a tent after a day of walking. Some days are particularly monosyllabic – apologies.

The vision for the trip was to go trekking in a range of locations in Türkiye, seeing the breadth of the country and travelling to some remoter areas. This was particularly successful in the Kaçkar mountains, although that is not to say unsuccessful elsewhere. I travelled with another Short Scholar, Julia Johnson – these diaries were written separately, but covering the same events. At some points, the difference between how people treated us was uncomfortable. I have not considered this much in my diary, at risk of implying judgement without a proper understanding of cultural differences.

Days 4 & 6 are probably the most interesting to read, but that will depend largely on the reader.

Day 1: Istanbul

Day 2: Travel to Ayder

Day 3: Ayder to [the lake]

Day 4: Over the pass

Day 5: Up to the lake

Day 6: Kaçkar summit and to Yaylalar

Day 7: Yaylalar and Erzurum

Day 8: To Dogubeyazit

Day 9: To Camp 1

Day 10: Acclimatisation hike

Day 11: To camp two

Day 12: Summit

Day 13: down to trailhead

Day 14: Doğubeyazıt day

Day 15: Travel to Antalya

Day 16: First leg of Lycian way

Day 17: To Ucagiz, then on to Demre

Day 18: Karaoz to Adrasan via Lighthouse

Day 19: Adrasan to Chimera via Olympos

Day 20: Return to Antalya

Day 21: Fly back

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Published: 20 March 2024

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