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Travels through Morocco

Old Members’ Trust Graduate Conference and Academic Travel Fund Report – Sameer Bhat (2020, DPhil Public Policy)

I am grateful that I was awarded the Old Members’ Trust Graduate Conference and Academic Travel Fund Award which I used for my travel to Morocco.

I visited Morocco to experience the rich country and its remarkable history, heritage, and architecture – especially the French and Moroccan-Arab language and culture in Casablanca.

I spent quite a bit of time exploring the medina of Fez – the cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. Fes comprises around 300 mosques and is the world’s largest living medieval Islamic city. I was particularly happy to visit the University of al-Qarawiyyin, the world’s oldest university. Growing up in a Muslim family, I had always heard and read a lot about the mosques in Fes and it was indeed a pleasure to visit and experience the place first-hand.

I also visited the cities of Agadir, Rabat and Marrakesh. Some pictures from my travel are attached below (click for larger images):

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Published: 25 April 2023

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