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The Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption

Session participants in discussionThe Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption is a three-year programme convening senior anti-corruption officials from countries worldwide to develop and test a new generation of strategies to entrench public integrity, The Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption are a joint undertaking with the Blavatnik School of Government.

With public anger over government corruption at a fever pitch in many countries, and official efforts to uproot cultures of corruption frustratingly stalled, governments everywhere need a new set of strategies.

The Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption convene a consistent group of 15 senior officials, all known as effective and innovative leaders of anti-corruption institutions. Together with a small group of academics and expert journalists, the officials participating in the Sessions will survey the field, search for effective policy responses, debate the priorities for innovation, and develop and test a set of new strategies for strengthening integrity in government institutions and dislodging entrenched corruption.

The Sessions are generously supported by the Chandler Foundation.


The Sessions convene the officials, scholars and journalists in-person on four occasions, in January and July of 2022 and 2023, advancing an agenda that they debated in July 2021. Each of the officials will co-author a paper describing ideas and practices that could transform the field. Each paper will be co-authored by two members of the Sessions, with five draft papers discussed at each of the first three in-person meetings. In July 2023, the discussions will return to the full set of ideas and designs, most by then having been tested in practice.

Please note: dates may be subject to change updates can be found at bsg.ox.ac.uk

The Blavatnik School of Government and their partners will distribute the finished papers worldwide, and the papers will form the basis of a set of curricular materials on integrity and corruption, available without charge to training institutions everywhere. The papers will be jointly edited by the Session chair, Professor Christopher Stone, and by the programme’s post-doctoral research associate, Izabela Corrêa.

Further details and updates can be found at bsg.ox.ac.uk

Published: 23 November 2021

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