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RIP Clement Cattlee

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Clement Cattlee, our wonderful new addition to the Univ family, died this morning. Clement was a stray and our students took him to their hearts. He arrived a few weeks ago, was fed and pampered and loved in the short time he was with us; however, when we took him to the vet for routine jabs and microchipping, it became clear that he was not a well cat. He must have suffered some trauma in his life before he arrived with us and we, in consultation with the vet, decided to keep him quiet and warm through the Christmas period and then look to surgery in the new year.

We are sorry to say that it was not to be and Clement died this morning as the Head Porter was taking him back to the vet. It was a short but very sweet association which has touched many hearts beyond our walls.  We are extremely grateful to our old members who were moved to so kindly contribute to his upkeep, to our students for having the compassion to advocate for him and not least to our vet, Eleanor Flynn who spent a great deal of her personal time on Clement’s welfare.

We’ll miss him, he somehow projected all the warmth that exists here at Univ.

Published: 11 December 2020

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