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Profile: Martha Storey

Martha wearing rectangular glasses in a dress and cardigan with a camera around her neck

Martha Storey (2019, Maths and Philosophy)

Martha Storey is in her third year studying Maths and Philosophy at Univ. She has held many roles in the JCR including Pizza Rep, Vice-President, and Treasurer. 

Why did you choose to study Maths and Philosophy?
I was always really interested in maths, and studying it at university seemed like a natural progression. I studied English Literature at A-Level as well, and really enjoyed the more creative side it offered. I stumbled upon the maths and philosophy course and was really intrigued. I hadn’t studied, or even really thought about philosophy before, but reading some books on the subject got me really interested, and I have loved studying it since I got to university.

How do you think you changed since you walked through Univ’s doors for the first time?
I like to think I have changed quite a lot! I think I have become a lot more confident, and more willing to get involved in lots of different things. Otherwise, there are some times when I can hear my accent drift to somewhere a bit more Southern, although a couple of weeks at home in Dewsbury always sorts me out.

Martha Storey at black-tie event with pizza and friendsWhat do you do outside of your studies?
Throughout my university career, I have been pretty involved in the JCR, from Pizza Rep in first year, through to being Vice-President and Treasurer in my second year. Despite the challenges thrown up by the pandemic, I really enjoyed my time on the JCR committee, but it also gave me a lot of responsibility and an appreciation of how much work goes into running the College.

Although my JCR tenure has come to an end, I’m still involved in access work at Univ, which includes things like running tours and Q&As for prospective students in the College. I have also held various positions in the Oxford University Labour Club, which has been a great way to meet people from other colleges, and put on talks with some really interesting people, including Univ alum Armando Iannucci!

Do you have any favourite moments thus far from your time at Univ?
I have had so many nice experiences it’s hard to pick! One moment that stands out is the first formal we had after Covid. I was busy revising for exams that term, so it was a really nice break, but it was made more special by the fact that we hadn’t been able to do anything similar for so long. I definitely feel like I didn’t make the most of formals in my first year!

Martha with friends in Hall in front of Young Univ GalleryHow did you find adjusting to Oxford life? Do you have any advice?
Oxford is really different from most other places, so I still feel like I’m getting used to such a scenic walk to Tesco! At the start, it’s definitely quite difficult, but I think the best thing I did was to throw myself into every opportunity that came my way. I think my advice would be to go to every talk you think will be interesting, join a society and get involved. My first year was jam-packed and involved little sleep, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Describe Univ in three words.
No dull moments!

Published: 17 January 2022

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