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Profile: Euan Huey

Profile: Euan Huey

Euan Huey (2018, History)

Euan is in his second year studying History at Univ. In addition to his studies, Euan is JCR President and Co-Chair of the Labour Club. 

Did you always want to study History at university?
Yes, I always knew I wanted to study history. Ever since I was young I have been profoundly interested in the past and the people who lived there. I’ve also found history fascinating as a conduit for really big ideas. It allows us to see and understand the world around us in profound and meaningful ways.

Profile: Euan HueyWhy did you choose Univ?
I visited Univ on an Open Day and felt immediately relaxed. I thought this was a good sign and so I applied!

How do think you’ve changed since stepping through Univ’s doors for the first time?
I think I’ve become much more confident since arriving a t Univ. It is a community in which everyone is free to follow their own interests and be the person they want to. This was different to my experience of school and is perhaps my favourite thing about the College.

Profile: Euan HueyWhy did you run for JCR President? How have you found it so far?
I ran for JCR President because I wanted to make a positive difference to College, but more than this, by the end of my first year, I had come to care so deeply for so many of my peers in college and so I wanted to do what I could to make sure we all had the best undergraduate experience possible.
So far it has been really enjoyable. Welcome week was a real moment of both personal pride and pride in the college and its members who showed themselves to be friendly, warm and accepting people. There have also been moments of immense stress, but I try to remember that feeling of looking around the hall on the first night of Welcome Week and seeing so many happy faces experiencing Univ for the first time.

What is your proudest achievement?
The thing I am proudest of achieving thus far would be having the College commit to transitioning away from plastic bottles in the buttery. I know it’s such a small thing, but I think it shows the positive difference we can make as a college.

Profile: Euan HueyDiscuss a time when you failed and how you came back from it.
At school, I failed my Higher Maths (AS level) prelim, but I stayed positive and worked hard. I was encouraged by great teachers and in the end I was really pleased with the outcome.

How did you become involved with the Labour Party?
I joined the Labour Party when I was 15. I was raised to care about others and my mum has been such a big inspiration. She works as a social worker and through her I have always been concerned with the welfare and well-being of everyone in society. I realised that only the Labour party cared about the most vulnerable in society.

Profile: Euan HueyHas anything surprised you about Oxford?
I didn’t know anyone who had been to Oxford before I came, so I suppose almost everything was surprising since I had no idea what to expect! If one thing stands out it is how friendly and kind everyone is, especially the staff and tutors.

Describe Univ in three words.
Vibrant, Fun and warm!

Published: 3 February 2020

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