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President of AfriSoc

Head and shoulder's shot of Ebenezer Azamati with old college buildings in the background. Azamati is wearing a blue shirt and blue blazer with a neutral look on his face.

Ebenezer Azamati, (2020, DPhil International Relations)

Ebenezer Azamati (2020, DPhil International Relations) has been named President of The Oxford University Africa Society. AfriSoc was founded in 1958 and aims to build a vibrant and supportive community for African students in Oxford, to provide a platform to discuss African issues, and to bring together people from all backgrounds who share a desire for positive change in Africa.

An ardent Clausewitzian with keen interests in the interactions between wars and the origins of World orders, Azamati is a Student in Residence at Univ, and reads for the DPhil in International Relations. His research examines Realpolitik and illiberal Great Powers’ conceptions of established international doctrines and liberal concepts. In particular, he is a student of Classical Realism in training who investigates the complex connections between international commitments and the raison d’état of cardinal powers involved in the management of the international order via pre-eminent international.

Ebenezer commented, “I’m excited to be part of this year’s committee and looking forward to achieving three main things with the society. Restructuring the society as an organisation, setting up strategic policies for the society and looking forward to making the society stronger than it was before.”

You can read an interview with Ebenezer here.

Published: 25 October 2021

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