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Percy’s Progress

Percy the tortoise I have been remiss in not yet acting on a solemn promise to send you an update on Percy’s house move. He was in transit accommodation for some time over lockdown. The Works Dept were trying hard to refurbish the Lodge (which looks ok, even with a great big screen in front of the reception and no pictures yet on the wall. Hope you get to see it soon) which is where Percy has resided since he matriculated. After a brief spell creating havoc in the Works Dept, Huw, our wonderful Buildings Maintenance Manager, took him home. Luckily for Percy, both Mrs Davies and Mrs Davies Senior are quite the experts on tortoises so he was treated to the best care any tortoise could ever want.

Percy's home insideBoth of the Mrs Davies’ also had quite a bit to say to Huw about the requirements of Percy’s new pad – which is probably why Percy now has the most palatial of surroundings in his new place in the Master’s Garden – even if he wasn’t pulled into line by his wife, Huw didn’t dare do anything other than what his mum told him! So, no consideration (and expense) spared, the vet declared his new home “habitable” and he moved in.

Percy's runAnd in truth, if he hadn’t taken it, I might myself be very happy in there for the rest of my time at Univ! Here he is, having breakfast delivered (he particularly likes dandelions as you can see). We all know that life at Univ is idyllic, even the pandemic cannot dampen our enthusiasm for the place, but I challenge anyone to think that being the Univ tortoise is not the most idyllic life one can lead.

Now, about the Univ cat… Watch this space!

Angela Unsworth MBE
Domestic Bursar and Fellow

Published: 7 July 2021

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