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Old Members Trust Travel Grant Report – Ellen Jones, DPhil Oriental Studies

Firstly, I would like to thank the Old Members for their support in enabling me to attend the Current Research in Egyptology 2017; this conference is designed specifically for early career researchers in my subject.

I arrived in Naples on 2 May, and used the rest of my travel day to visit the archaeological site of Pompeii. I am studying the position of women in the ancient Egyptian family and so visiting this spectacularly preserved site was useful for imagining daily lived experience in ancient towns, which can then be compared to other ancient sites such as that of Deir el-Medina and Amarna in Egypt.

The conference then ran from 3rd-6th May, including a wide variety of talks ranging from Middle Kingdom personal adornment to new perspectives on ancient Egyptian family structure, and marriage and inheritance practices, all of which relate to my own area of research. During the conference I gave a 20 minute paper on my Masters research which was well received and will hopefully lead to the publication of this paper in the conference proceedings. This conference was my first international conference and so was also useful for developing contacts with the wider Egyptological community, especially for meeting and discussing with other scholars who are studying subjects similar to my own.

I would like to thank the Old Members again for this opportunity, which has not only benefited my current DPhil research, which builds on my previous Master’s studies, but has further strengthened my ability and determination to pursue a career in academia.

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Published: 3 August 2017

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