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My Univ: Lila Arezes

Lila ArezesI have been at Univ nearly 15 years. For some people, working that long in the same job would be torture, for me at has been filled with great memories, challenges and a sense of belonging helped by being surrounded by a great Team, people that support and help you pull together.

I take great pleasure in my job, the diversity and demands, the need to excel and succeed and the sense of fulfilment that comes with a job well done and great feedback after the events. It’s a sense of accomplishment when you help create fond memories for our students to look back at their time here, to be part of making someone’s wedding day special, to welcome back our Old members, to be remembered.

We often refer to being part of the Univ Family and as cliché as it sounds it feels like it too.

It’s My Univ.

Lila Arezes, Head of Conferencing and Events

Published: 12 March 2021

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