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Meet the WCR Committee

WCR Committee (clockwise from top left: Ethan Petrou,Meet the WCR Committee for 2021-22. The WCR committee deals with the College and wider University community on behalf of graduates, runs events and functions, and strives to ensure the welfare of its members. In non-pandemic times the WCR organise social events including parties, theatre and orchestra trips, exchange dinners and quiz nights, which they have been doing virtually as much as possible!

Ethan is sat on a wooden bench with foliage in the background. He is looking at the camera with a stoic expression, his hair is short, flowing, blonde curls and he has a cropped beard and is wearing a dark blue jumper.President — Ethan Petrou (He/him)
(2018, DPhil Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Ethan is studying for a DPhil in Earth & Environmental Sciences. Originally from the southern countryside, he was an undergrad and Master’s student in University College London, before jumping ship to continue his studies at University College Oxford. Ethan spent two years working as a geotechnical engineer and has spent some time working offshore. When not in the lab, he enjoys singing in Univ chapel choir, reading and cooking with friends. As president of the WCR, he is responsible for overseeing the committee and ensuring that the WCR continues to be a vibrant, fun and welcoming community. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas he would love to hear from you!
Contact: wcr.president@univ.ox.ac.uk

A picture of Michael on a bridge over a river in Ireland. He is wearing a blue jumper and trying to smile.VP/Treasurer — Michael Hutchinson (He/him)
(2019, DPhil Statistics and Machine Learning)

Originating from East Anglia and having made a way stop at the “other place” on his way here, Michael is now a second-year DPhil student in Statistics and Machine Learning here at Univ. Having been a social sec last year he couldn’t quite get enough of committee life and is the VP for this year. Outside of academic life, he enjoys playing hockey, music and hanging out at whichever WCR event is currently happening
Contact: wcr.treasurer@univ.ox.ac.uk or mcr.vpresident@univ.ox.ac.uk

Naroa is standing in front of some trees. She is wearing sub fusc and glasses. She has long brown hair and is smiling.Secretary — Naroa Ibarra-Aizpurua (She/her)
(2020, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics)
Naroa is a first year DPhil student in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, in the research area of Neuroscience. After completing the BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of the Basque Country, she moved to Oxford to study the MSc in Neuroscience. Her love for Oxford and the college formal dinners made her stay here for her DPhil (okay, the fact that her dream-lab is here had something to do too). If she ever gets some time off the lab, Naroa enjoys collecting mugs and drinking lots of tea, going for long walks, reading and yoga. With her position as secretary, Naroa hopes to put to good use some of her organising and email-sending skills.
Contact: wcr.secretary@univ.ox.ac.uk

A picture of Tom sitting on a navy couch drinking a cocktail. He is wearing a purple and white chequered shirt and black jeans and has glasses and curly brown hair.Welfare Officer – Tom Gavin (He/him) 
(2019, Classics)
Through the ancient and mystic art of “following the funding”, Tom made the arduous 1 mile move southwards from St Anne’s College to join the postgrad community at Univ. Originally synthesised in a lab by scientists attempting to replace the human blood supply with English Breakfast tea, Tom’s interests include baking, cocktails, and providing unsolicited movie commentaries which are either endearing or incredibly annoying (depending on personal taste).

Along with Clare, Tom is responsible for running the welfare and equalities side of the WCR; he’s also a trained Peer Supporter, so feel free to shoot him a message/email if you ever want to chat about anything welfare related!
Contact: wcr.welfare@univ.ox.ac.uk

Clare Burgess (She/her) — Welfare Officer Clare is standing in front of a fence and is facing the camera smiling. She is wearing a black top and has brown curly hair.
(2020, MSt in Early Modern History)
Clare is studying for an MSt in Early Modern History, with hopes to pursue a DPhil this autumn. She’s Northern at heart, and did her undergrad at the University of York. She loves cooking, theatre and learning languages, and will probably come out with utterly useless historic trivia at inopportune moments of conversation.

Clare is one of two welfare reps this year, along with Tom Gavin, and hopes to support members of the WCR in their time at Oxford — she’s always available for a chat (in person or virtually!) if you have any welfare-related concerns or queries!
Contact: wcr.welfare@univ.ox.ac.uk

A head & shoulders picture of Odysseus, smiling at the camera with a plain white background . He wears a black polo t-shirt with blue trim, he has short black hair and stubble.Environmental Rep — Odysseus Archontikis (He/him)
(2019, DPhil Environmental Research)

After a 20-year journey facing wars, mythical creatures and the wrath of the gods, Odysseus has finally been unbound and ready to start his new Odyssey. On his early travels, Odysseus had a true affection for ocean life and the Earth’s climate. He completed a BSc (Hons) in Geology & Geoenvironment in Athens, Greece and then an MSc (Hons) in Palaeontology in France. Now, he is settled in Oxford and excited to be part of Univ College serving as Univ WCR Environment and Hall Officer. If there is anything you want to discuss about environmental awareness, feel free to drop him a line.
Contact: wcr.environment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Picture of Cameron smiling, sat down with my arm resting on my knee, wearing a silver chain around my neck.LGBTQ+ officer — Cameron Lang (He/him – They/them)
(2020, DPhil Oncology)
Cameron is a first year DPhil student in Oncology, and grew up in East London. Before moving to Oxford, he had completed a BSc in Biomedical Science at Durham and an MRes in Translational Cancer Medicine at King’s College London. Before COVID, he enjoyed rowing, cycling, anything outdoors… but after three lockdowns he now loses several hours a day to Tiktok and promises to donate £5 to a charity of your choosing every time you can beat him at Mario Kart. Cameron is also passionate about LGBTQ+ student welfare, visibility and accessibility — so please do come and have a chat with him if there is anything LGBTQ+ related you would like to talk about!
Contact: wcr.lgbtq@univ.ox.ac.uk

Head and shoulder's shot of Ebenezer Azamati with old college buildings in the background. Azamati is wearing a blue shirt and blue blazer with a neutral look on his face.International Students officer — Ebenezer Azamati (He/him)
(2020, DPhil International Relations)
Azamati is a first year DPhil student in International Relations and is from Ghana. His research examines Realpolitik and illiberal Great Powers’ conceptions of established international doctrines and liberal concepts. Prior to his DPhil, he completed his MPhil in International Relations at Mansfield and Saint John’s Colleges respectively, serving on the MCR committee as the Equality Officer at Mansfield College. In his spare time, he likes reading and debating philosophy, politics and history.
Contact: wcr.international@univ.ox.ac.uk

A picture of Baron Ho sharing experience of with college. He is wearing a suit, black bowtie and glasses. He has short black hair and a stoic look.Ethnic Minorities and Racial Equality Officer — Ping-Luen (Baron) Ho (He/him)
(2018, DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry)

Baron Ho is studying for a DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry, Swire Scholar. Originally from Taiwan, he was an undergraduate and Master’s student in Tsinghua University in Hsinchu and Beijing, respectively. At the end of his term as President of the Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society (OUTSS), Baron joined the WCR Committee as Ethnic Minorities and Racial Equity Officer.

Oxford provides an extraordinary platform for promoting citizen consciousness and critical thinking. Based on this ideology, Univ actively opposes and deplores racism and other discriminatory behaviour and language and has made a commitment to be proactive in working to ensure that our principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance are reflected in practice. You may also share your experiences here.
Contact: wcr.equality@univ.ox.ac.uk

A head and shoulders photo of Rebecca smiling standing on a beach. They are wearing a navy sweatshirt with pale blue sleeves and glasses and have short brown hair. You can see the sea and end of the beach in the background.Disability and Accessibility Officer — Rebecca Colquhoun (She/they)
(2020, DPhil Earth Sciences)

Rebecca Colquhoun is a first year DPhil student in Earth Sciences studying the physics of earthquakes. Rebecca did their undergrad in Earth Sciences at Worcester College until they saw the light (/followed the funding) and moved to Univ, where they are now the Students with Disabilities and Accessibility Officer for the WCR. They are passionate about improving equality and diversity in Oxford and in STEM, and as part of that sit on many committees in the wider university! They are always happy to chat about disability, EDI or general life, and you can contact them on
Contact: wcr.disabilities@univ.ox.ac.uk

Kim is standing in front of an old stone college building with trees and bikes in the background. She is smiling, has long blonde hair & bright blue eyes and is wearing a dark blue jumper.Women’s Officer — Kim Becker (She/her)
(2019, DPhil Statistics)
Kim Becker is a second year DPhil student in statistics. She previously completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in mathematics at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. As Women’s Officer, Kim is passionate about creating a welcoming and equitable environment for all WCR members. If you have any questions or just want a friendly chat, drop her a line!
Contact: wcr.women@univ.ox.ac.uk

A picture of Xu standing in front of the mermaid statue with his thumbs up. He, with glasses and black hair, is wearing a black hoodie with black-and-white strips and blue logo. You can see many fishes swimming freely in the blue ocean behind.Social — Xu Dong (He/him)
(2020, MPhil Economics)
Xu is studying MPhil Economics and is devoted to become a super-influential macroeconomist. Before coming to Oxford, he spent two years at the University of Birmingham studying a BSc. in Mathematical Economics and Statistics. He is crazy about tasty food, if you find something really amazing, please share it with him!
Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Hungry Mohamed forced to smile for a photo on a random Tuesday before he is allowed to have lunch. Location: Oxford robotics institute.Social — Mohamed Baioumy (He/him)
(2019, DPhil Robotics and AI)

Mohamed is a DPhil student in Robotics and AI at UNIV and is a social sec for this year. His DPhil at the Oxford Robotics Institute is on making robots smarter and more resilient. Generally, he is interested in tackling challenges in developing countries (e.g. education).

Before switching his money to British pounds, he did his undergraduate degree at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. There, he absolutely refused to participate in rowing. Yet somehow in Oxford, he has come to be on the Univ rowing team! He also enjoys playing basketball, football and guitar. He wouldn’t consider himself a master chef, but he likes to believe that Gordon Ramsey would like his cooking!
Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

A head and shoulders photo of Philip smiling at the camera. He is wearing sub fusc (white shirt, gown and white bowtie) and is standing in front of a modern building. The background is blurred.Social Secretary — Philip Pearcy (He/him)
(2020, DPhil Chemistry)
Philip is a first-year DPhil student in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. He completed an MChem (Hons) in Chemistry with Industrial Placement at the University of Warwick before moving to Oxford. In his free time, he enjoys collecting music, watching films, and going on walks. This year, he will be the Social Secretary and will oversee the organising of events within the College. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to get in contact with him!
Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk 

Published: 13 April 2021

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